You’ll find the finishing touches to your costume at Camelot!

Whether you’ve bought your costume or you’re using clothes you already own, but you’re missing the finishing touches, drop by Camelot Costumes! We have a massive range of costume accessories to suit a huge number of themes and events! From tattoos, masks and hats to ears, teeth, glasses, makeup and more, you’ll find it at our Brisbane costume shop! With prices beginning at just $5, Camelot Costumes makes finding that last minute missing piece super affordable!

Our experienced team can help you create a prize-winning costume!

We have been helping our customers find the perfect costume for decades! We know our range of costumes and costume accessories like the back of our hand! No matter what you have in mind, our helpful team make shopping for costume accessories easy! We love helping our customers create authentic looks whether it be a period costume or a vampire with dangerous canines!

Our stock and costume accessories are forever changing to meet customer demand

We constantly change our costume accessories stock to meet the needs of our customers, as trends come and go! If you haven’t stopped by in a while, come in and see us! We know you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

Drop by our Brisbane costume shop or give our friendly team a call!

Has your pirate lost his hat? Perhaps your Aviator is missing her goggles? Have no fear! Camelot has the perfect costume accessories for any costume or occasion. Come down and chat with our experienced staff today, or give us a call!

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